Gen-y Inserts

$ 5.00

Retail: 8.99

GEN-Y Universal Inserts are uniquely designed and are widely customizable to fit the diapering needs for your child! Snap together two or three inserts for heavy wetters and overnight, or just use one for light wetters, newborns, and for use while potty training. The ways you can mix, match, and fold these inserts are endless!

Universal Inserts come in both natural and synthetic fibers. Our natural inserts are made of hemp and organic cotton, and our microfiber inserts are 100% polyester with a buttery-soft minky top to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Each insert has two snaps, one snap on each end, which allows for easy washing, fast drying, and many different ways to snap and fold your inserts together.

Our inserts work best with GEN-Y Universal and Simply U covers, but can be paired with just about any cloth diapering system!

Two inserts included per set.

Small: 12" long, 4" wide
Large: 14" long, 4.5" wide

100% Polyester. Each insert is made up of two layers of absorbent microfiber topped with soft minky.

55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton. Each insert is made up of four thick layers of hemp jersey.