Gen-Y Universal

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Our Next GEN Universals are trimmer, slimmer, and fit longer than the original. We kept all the things you love:
wipe-clean/ air-out inside, double leg gussets that are the best in the business, stay-put U shaped flaps that hold inserts
snugly, and highly adjustable waist, leg, and rise snaps. Next GEN Universals have a higher rise, a more accommodating
leg, and an all over trimmer cut than the original to keep you and baby happy: every use, every day!

GEN-Y products are made in the USA.

Please note that the pattern will be inverted on the front panel of the diaper. Print placement may vary. New GEN-Y covers
should be washed separately in hot water with your regular detergent once to ensure color fastness. After an initial wash
your covers may be added in with your regular diaper laundry.

Size Chart

Rise Legs Waist Est. Weight Ranges
Small 13 - 16 5 - 10 11 - 18 6 - 18 lbs.
Large 16 - 20 8 - 13 14 - 23 18 - 38 lbs.