Monster Sensory Bin

$ 45.95

Sensory bins are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning for hours on end! Each Messy Play Sensory Bin is reusable and contains themed materials and props to allow for endless creativity and dramatic play, as well as fine motor development, cognition skills, and much more.

This Monster Sensory Bin includes 45g of purple waterbeads (3 uses of 15g each), tweezers, a plastic net, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, monster teeth, and various other monster parts. Hydrate the waterbeads in water overnight, and they are ready to use! Try designing a monster face in the waterbeads, or scooping out monster parts with the net, or picking out the pieces one by one to build a monster on the table. However you do it, you'll have a blast making silly faces with these fun toys! 

Your child will love squishing and scooping these slippery waterbeads, and you can add your own toys to extend the learning and play!

These waterbeads are reusable and biodegradable. You can dry them out and reuse them for another sensory bin experience later.

This option does NOT include the plastic bin.

For ages 3+ due to choking hazards. Exact contents may differ from above photo.

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